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The plan is betrayed by Aelfric, an earldorman from East Anglia. By 1000AD, William "the Great", Duke of Guienne, expanded on this idea at The Council of Poitiers, which he had convened.It was no accident that church properties were also not safe from military action.By 1016, the French nobility had subscribed to a peace movement wanting a guarantee that peasants and clerics, their crops and animals, would not be interfered with.

(Item from Historians' History of the World, 1907, Vol. 38ff.) 996-997AD: Otto III becomes (Holy Roman) Emperor. Robert II Capet (The Pious) is (associate) King of France.See Reader's Digest, History of Man: The Last Two Million Years. Viking Sweyn Forkbeard deposes his father Harold Bluetooth to become King of Denmark.Sydney, The Reader's Digest Association, 1973-1974., p. 987AD: Islam: Spain, Bermudo tries to free himself from Moorish sovereignty, Al-Mansur razes Coimbra and in 988 invades to the heart of Leon. (From Tom Holland, Millennium: The End of the World and the Forging of Christendom.(Item from Historians' History of the World, 1907., pp.32ff.) 994AD: Vikings, Forcible conversion of the Vikings-ruled Orkneys to Christianity. By now, the Vikings are far more professionally organised. The Danes take a danegeld payment from King Aethelred but do not leave England, Aethelred set a naval trap for them in 992, but was betrayed by an earldorman of East Anglia, Aelfric.

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