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Released in the fall of 1988, this power ballad demonstrates through analogy. From Stryper's hit album t, this song is worthy of being in anyone's love song playlist. That love is about much more than material things, and if it's strong, you will always feel that butterfly feeling. "Love of My Life" by Queen If you have been hurt by someone, would you ever go back to them?The meaning of love can be expressed, but never defined, and this song takes you through just that. If they broke your heart, would you ever consider being with them? Released in 1987, this epic love ballad proves that classic rock is always going to be played because if you have never heard of this tune, you haven't heard what love is all about. "Me and Bobby Mc Gee" by Janis Joplin Love breeds memory and memory breeds reminiscing.Released in 1969, this song continues to prove why it is one of the greatest classic rock love songs ever in music. "You and Me" by Alice Cooper Is love suppose to be based on what you want in the relationship or what they want in the relationship? Released in 1977, this soft rock ballad shows a different side of Cooper that we have never seen before. "Faithfully" by Journey Love is a journey, and if you love someone faithfully, you always be happy. Released in 1961, this love ballad truly defines what love is all about.Everything from the emotion, the experience, along with the trials and tribulations, at last the love has come.DW spoke with Niedecken on his work with former child soldiers and his push for integration in Germany. Photographer Peter Bialobrzeski takes a closer look.His series "Die zweite Heimat" shows Germany for what it is – unadorned and honest.In fact, most of the time, it is filled with self-sabotage because people fear getting hurt.

Pop Xport Ranking looks back and presents the ten biggest German music acts of the decade.In less than a year, during 2010, the band earned an estimated 500 million Norwegian Kroner from concert tickets, merchandise and the release of a greatest hits album, making them one of the 40–50 largest grossing bands in the world.The band were listed in the Guinness World Records book for having the biggest rock concert attendance; they drew an audience of 198,000 at Maracanã Stadium during Rock in Rio festival.Released in 1969, this uptempo love song takes you to another place. Released in 1987, this classic love song takes you through the journey of someone who is in love but doesn't know how to think about it. "Your Song" by Elton John When someone finds their true love in life, sometimes they don't know what they are feeling.Plus, it offers more than just one of the greatest guitar riffs ever, but a story that many can relate to. "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" by Poison Just like every night has it's dawn, every rose has its thorn. Released in the summer of 1988, this Christian Rock ballad embodies what the real meaning of love is. "Is this love that I'm feeling, is this the love, that I've been searching for? Released in 1970, this song proves that there is no price on love.

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The Broilers get Germany's concert halls sizzling with their punk rock.