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How do we deal with the divisive, cynical, infamous details of modern living -- and remain Christians?

How to do more than control your temper, but actively become patient and compassionate?

This paraphrased, or modern rewording of the Bible is offered to help people today understand texts which are very difficult for any reader, composed of ancient translations which themselves are hard to understand.

Published by Tynedale House, which has printed numerous authoritative Bibles throughout the years Demar writes on Biblical prophecy, a favorite subject of many.

In some long-ago time we weren't afraid to talk about trying to be holy, because we knew what we were talking about.

A great foundation of Bible knowledge through the fascinating stories that comprise the New and Old Testaments.

Even his detractors must admit that a brilliant mind and tireless energies are evident in his work. Told through the points of view of women of his family and household.

This well-known tale is given flesh and life by a talented writer, who makes the Bible more real to us -- and Job's sufferings and his endlessly faithful endurance more significant.

This book offers guidance to the center of one's spirituality, toward a happy, grateful, and loving life.

A practical guide and lesson-plan for making oneself Christlike, which is really the proper goal for any follower of Christ.

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Armageddon, the Anti Christ, Revelation, and much more are explained in painstaking detail with attention to the Scriptural passages involved.