Datingover25 com

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Datingover25 com

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David delivered an enlightening Keynote at this year's ITEXPO in Austin, connecting the dots on trends that are shaping the market.Andy has appeared in Forbes, rang the opening bell at the NASDAQ, and delivered industry rousing presentations with each new development that the unified communications leader has graced the market with – especially for developments like Polycom Real Presence Cloud AXIS, which the world is anticipating anxiously like a kid on Christmas morning.Andrew Miller remains a choice advocate and leader for Polycom, as they close out the year and continue to make the future seem not so far away.No matter how you slice it, the market wouldn't be what it is today without the tireless work and diligence of remarkable individuals who make it possible.The following are the Top 20 most influential people in Vo IP:open source platform of the Vo IP market.

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The Franklin institute awarded him the 2012 Bower Award for Business Leadership, and he's seen a wealth of other distinctions.

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