Wanking women

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Wanking women

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They believe their partner must be bored or dissatisfied if he (she) is masturbating.

It is also believed that orgasms give women an incentive to have more sex, and therefore increase their chances of procreating.

Although there may be an evolutionary reason for why the habit of masturbation has stuck around for so long, the lists of benefits from the act of self-pleasing do not end with fertility.

It was found that the longer a man went without masturbating, the higher the number of sperm in their partner’s “flowback.” Based on this finding, they labeled male masturbation as a natural way to shed old sperm and make room for new, fitter sperm.

In females, orgasms, which are often obtained through masturbation, are also attributed to higher sperm retention.

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The old wives' tale that masturbating gives you acne may be based a tiny bit on truth, for men at least.

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